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Subversive Health Eating Challenge

Subversive Health Eating Challenge

Recently, I tried participating in a body positive Whole 30 with Jen from Plus Size Birth and several other women in the plus size birth community. I say “tried” because I wasn’t successful. As I’ve discussed before, Whole 30 is just too rigid for life. At least the kind of life I want to lead. And about the only time of the year I can put my life on hold long enough to do an eating challenge is January. Nothing happens in January. Except the Super Bowl, I suppose, and I was able to stay mostly Whole 30 compliant with that last year. Continue reading

WTF, recycled toilet paper?


Last time we went to Costco they were out of charmin. “Now is my chance,” I thought “to switch my family to recycled!” I thought this was an amazing opportunity, certainly my family would rebel against the move if it weren’t a necessity as it is now. I put the recycled toilet paper in the bottom of the cart with glee.

Can I just say now how much I hate this toilet paper?

Can someone please explain to me why recycled toilet paper can’t be soft? Or absorbent? Or strong enough not to disintegrate upon coming in contact with anything moist? Is only virgin paper pulp capable of producing these qualities, or something? Or is it just that makers of recycled toilet paper assume that all environmentalists want to suffer for their cause, so they make sure the toilet paper feels like sandpaper (albeit fine grain) and falls apart so easily you might as well be wiping with your bare hand half the time?

I don’t get it. Maybe if I did, it would be easier to make the sacrifice, but if the answer is just “caring about the environment means giving up everything comfortable”, fuck that.

I know a few years ago environmentalists were up in arms about quilted, double ply toilet paper because it is wasteful, but the fact is that I used three squares per job of Charmin (4 squares for occasional, messier than usual jobs), and I’m easily using 20 squares per job with this recycled crap. Which one seems more wasteful now? And sometimes this toilet paper is straight up painful! Like many women who have carried and birthed large babies (both of mine were more than 9 lbs at birth), I have lingering issues that are incredibly irritated by being scrubbed with paper the same texture as newsprint multiple times a day. Sometimes, when this problem is especially irritated, I like to spray a little witch hazel on some toilet paper and wipe with that, but that’s impossible with this toilet paper, if I even think about spraying a liquid on this toilet paper, it dissolves into paper mâché in my hands.

Recycled toilet paper (which is recycled from other paper products, not from used toilet paper) should be a no brainer. It makes zero sense to be wiping our asses with virgin wood pulp. What incredible gluttony!! But no one is going to get on board with this kind of thing if it’s miserable. Now if I want to get my family using something greener than Charmin, I’m going to have to pitch the family cloth idea, and that is not going to to be an easy sell, let me tell you. More likely, our venture into recycled toilet paper will lead us right back to Charmin, unfortunately. Recycled toilet paper totally fails.

Curry Avocado Egg Salad

I’ve never been a big fan of egg salad until I had high tea at the Brown Palace last spring and had their delicious curry egg salad tea sandwiches. I told myself I would have to recreate it but never got around to it until I was inspired by my friend Jen who was making a roast pepper and curry egg salad recently for a meal during her Whole 30. When she posted about it, I made my own version that very day and it was great! Continue reading

Big Fat Lies

Once upon a time there was a woman of size who wanted to get pregnant. She had had three pregnancies in the past, all of which ended in the birth of healthy baby girls, who had each grown healthy and happy. She knew she would have to seek fertility treatments to get pregnant, as she had needed to with her third pregnancy due to severe PCOS. She also knew that she had type 2 diabetes, which developed during her third pregnancy, but that it was well managed by her diet and activity. Continue reading

Interior design for function over form

If I were to live in a tiny house, it would be a fancy one like this.  Picture obtained from

If I were to live in a tiny house, it would be a fancy one like this. Picture obtained from

Lately, I have been reading about tiny houses and dense living conditions. Living in a tiny house has a lot of benefits, both personally and environmentally. The smaller your house, the less you spend to heat and cool it, the less you spend on utilities, the less crap you tend to accumulate. Smaller houses are cheaper, and use fewer resources both in building and maintaining. It also frees up more space in your yard, you get more yard out of a smaller property if your house is taking up minimal space. Continue reading

Positive sedation

As long as others have less than me
I shouldn’t think about wrongs in my community.
I should just be grateful for what I have
And ignore the fact that I’m getting the shaft
It could be much worse, you see
There are those who can’t feed their family
And children sold into slavery
So I mustn’t examine my own tragedy
But I’m feeling like this is just a means
Of hiding the fact that we haven’t seen
A small few have managed to accumulate
Enough to ensure our lesser fate
Maybe gratitude makes it harder to see
That the shit has been dispersed less than evenly,
That we pay the price for what the few take
And bear the weight of our collective mistake
I want to be grateful for my blessings in life
To focus on positives, not just strife
But sometimes it’s just too hard to ignore
That those with the most just keep taking more
And I may be better off than some
But in the end we’ve all been robbed, each and every one
By those few who hoard what we work to create
And toss us the scraps from their golden plates
And I’m tired of being told “be glad you’re not he!”
As if his life exists to drive fear into me
That’s not gratitude, no, it is fear mongering
The truth is we both deserve more

Tomato blooms, squash growth, and tiny citrus. More rocking on the homestead

I figured I’d catch you guys up on how the gardening is going.  Here is the view from the deck.

Our patio garden

Our patio garden

Continue reading