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Interior design for function over form

If I were to live in a tiny house, it would be a fancy one like this.  Picture obtained from

If I were to live in a tiny house, it would be a fancy one like this. Picture obtained from

Lately, I have been reading about tiny houses and dense living conditions. Living in a tiny house has a lot of benefits, both personally and environmentally. The smaller your house, the less you spend to heat and cool it, the less you spend on utilities, the less crap you tend to accumulate. Smaller houses are cheaper, and use fewer resources both in building and maintaining. It also frees up more space in your yard, you get more yard out of a smaller property if your house is taking up minimal space. Continue reading

Positive sedation

As long as others have less than me
I shouldn’t think about wrongs in my community.
I should just be grateful for what I have
And ignore the fact that I’m getting the shaft
It could be much worse, you see
There are those who can’t feed their family
And children sold into slavery
So I mustn’t examine my own tragedy
But I’m feeling like this is just a means
Of hiding the fact that we haven’t seen
A small few have managed to accumulate
Enough to ensure our lesser fate
Maybe gratitude makes it harder to see
That the shit has been dispersed less than evenly,
That we pay the price for what the few take
And bear the weight of our collective mistake
I want to be grateful for my blessings in life
To focus on positives, not just strife
But sometimes it’s just too hard to ignore
That those with the most just keep taking more
And I may be better off than some
But in the end we’ve all been robbed, each and every one
By those few who hoard what we work to create
And toss us the scraps from their golden plates
And I’m tired of being told “be glad you’re not he!”
As if his life exists to drive fear into me
That’s not gratitude, no, it is fear mongering
The truth is we both deserve more

Tomato blooms, squash growth, and tiny citrus. More rocking on the homestead

I figured I’d catch you guys up on how the gardening is going.  Here is the view from the deck.

Our patio garden

Our patio garden

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Learning to love my face, update

Well, it’s been a little over a week and I’ve managed to remember a self portrait most days. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ve probably seen many of my portraits. Some (like tonight’s) have been lazy and last minute. Taking regular pictures of myself is not something I am used to, and I forget sometimes.
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Adding my drop to the bucket


I’m not a person who does well in the heat, but running the AC uses so much energy. Energy that not only costs a fortune, but comes from power plants burning coal. That coal burning is putting loads of shit into our air that not only contributes to global warming, but contaminates our air, food, and water with dangerous toxins like mercury, that are very likely major contributors to a variety of serious health conditions like asthma, ADHD, ASD, and cancer. Continue reading

Deep convos with my oldest child : Boobs

I love Elijah more than life itself, but sometimes I wonder how he came from me. It just seems like we have so little in common some days, I want to scream that both nature and nurture are bullshit!

And then there are times we have these little conversations that make me think “Oh yeah, there’s my handiwork!” Today was one of those days. Continue reading

Learning to love my face

I have, with much struggle, been learning to love my body and see it as beautiful. I have learned to speak positively about my body, my curves, it’s softness, it’s squishiness. I try to view it the way my children do, the way my husband does, the way I would view my baby. Amazing, perfect, miraculous, sexy, nurturing, snuggly, all that jazz. And I’m getting there. It’s a journey.

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Happy Fourth of July!

I have mixed feelings about the Fourth of July. As a child, it was one of my favorite holidays and I marveled at my luck (something I now recognize as privilege) to have been born in this, the greatest (richest) nation in the world. It seemed to me then that every other place in the world could not possibly offer the freedoms that we have here, and that most of those places were very hard places to live. Even as I grew, and better understood that the United States was not perfect, and that all places had their good and bad, I still assumed that the system in the United States was the best anyone had come up with yet (why else would everyone from other countries be so eager to come here?), and I was proud to be a part of it.

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