Hosting a Rocking Thanksgiving – Part One

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It’s fall break!  Which means the kids and I (Jessica) am home all week.  Usually, I spend this week dicking around, avoiding homework, and then rushing around last minute getting ready for Thanksgiving almost entirely on the big day it’s self (to include cleaning), but that sucks so this year I vowed it would be different.  I’m going to be productive (which means there will be more on my plate than just Thanksgiving dinner) and I’m not going to spend the whole day on Thursday cooking my ass off so that my back is killing me and I just want to go to bed by the time everything is ready.


Get used to it: Terrorism and conflict in the age of climate change

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While I wrote this post the day after it happened, I decided to wait a while before publishing it, because I believe strongly that everyone, no matter what their privilege, deserves to have some time to just mourn a horrific event like this without it being picked apart to figure out the political implications, or used to make a point. It’s important to evaluate this stuff, but not more important than compassion in the face of the tragic loss of human life.

Changing careers is not easy. Climate activists need to support fossil fuel workers in the transition.

The climate movement vs. fossil fuel jobs

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Sometimes its hard to be an activist that takes a stand against a big industry.  I know a lot of people who either work in the fossil fuel industry themselves, or a close family member does.  Lots of people in my close circle depend on paychecks from the oil, natural gas, and coal industries, or another industry closely related.  Hell, my father worked for Ford for pretty much all of my childhood.  When I advocate for a complete end to fossil fuel usage, a lot of people take that as me advocating that they should be unemployed.  Honestly, I’m not 100% sure how to answer that.


Selfless Service – Veteran’s Day thoughts, 2015

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The Army has seven core values, and the one that always resonated most for me was Selfless Service. The idea of serving a larger collective without expectation of personal gain or reward. There were many reasons I joined the Army, and in truth, not all of them were selfless, but I hoped that it was my selfless motivations that were the most meaningful. The selfless nature of the service I gave was the most meaningful part of it for me, at least.

The berry of the Boulder Raspberry.  Image obtained from Mountain Plover.

Plant Profile – Boulder Raspberry

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Boulder Raspberry bush. Image obtained at

Boulder Raspberry bush. Image obtained at

I’m learning so much in my horticulture program, more than I could ever share on this blog, but I can share a bit. One thing I can share is info on cool plants I’m learning about! With that in mind, I’d like to start a regular series of plant profiles on this blog. Today we’ll be learning about the Boulder Raspberry.


My body positive exercise motivation

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Now that I am done being pregnant and pumping breast milk, I have really been ramping my athletic pursuits back up.  I have been running three times a week, have started back to roller skating (I have lost some skills over the past year), am increasing my bicycling, and will be starting swim lessons hopefully in a few weeks.  A friend asked me to do a mini triathlon with her next year and I have every intention of doing so.  I am also already signed up for a couple of 5ks to keep me entertained until then. 

Image obtained at

Halloween class war

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Recently an advice column has been making the rounds on social media, in which a person asks for advice on what to do about poor kids coming into your neighborhood to trick or treat. The writer was pretty harshly criticized, and given how they talked about how their street isn’t that rich, they’re just doctors and lawyers and business owners, I’d say justifiably so. But it did make me think about some stuff.


Friday Roundup – 10/30/15

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I missed the Friday Roundup last week because I was getting ready for Elijah’s birthday party!  Here is what we have going on this week!

What we’re doing:  Halloween is the name of the game this week!  We all get super into it and have our whole yard done up.  As I type, cars are slowing down to look at our display.  This year we added a giant spider, a projector, and extended our creepy scarecrow display.  I will try to post pictures tomorrow.  We got our first frost this week, and we picked all of our biggest green tomatoes, just in time.  We still need to get this years bulbs in the ground!

What we’re listening to:  Our Halloween mix is still getting a lot of play, but Jessica is keenly aware that Christmas music season is just around the corner!

What we’re reading:

Grist is discussing the economic impacts of climate change, which is worse that previously thought.

The Global Climate March, standing in solidarity with the Global Climate Talks in Paris next month, is coming up!  Find an event near you here! For background on the Paris Climate Talks, check this out.

Offbeat Home discusses adding pot bellied pigs to the homestead!

Treehugger talks about why environmentalism is threatening to fragile masculinity.

So it turns out meat is not as bad for you as cigarettes.  There are many compelling reasons to reduce your meat intake, but I was glad to see articles calling out the sensationalist, Cult of Health style headlines over this issue.

Apparently the drought in California is inspiring people to plant butterfly gardens.  Cool.

The New York Times follows some scientists studying the melting ice in Greenland.  This article has some really cool graphics both on mobile and desktop.  Also, the subject is interesting.

Ben and Jerry’s and New Belgium have teamed up to fight climate change, and its making all my salted-caramely, chocolatey dreams come true!

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What do you think we’re protesting about?

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Recently I attended a People’s Climate Rally here in Denver. Because I run 350 Denver’s Instagram account, I took a bunch of pictures and posted them on Instagram, which also posted to my Twitter account. I got a lot of new followers that evening, but only one response. It was a comment from a Twitter user by the name of Renaud Gange, on a photo of a sign someone was holding that said “Stand up to big oil”.