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November 2013

Breakfast Hash

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We’ve all been sick at The Rocking Homestead, all of us but Jeremy. Poor Freja has had it worst of all, having vomited several times over several days. It’s been miserable, and even worse because Elijah’s birthday was this weekend, and we had to cancel all the fun plans we had and instead all sit on the couch watching/napping through Man of Steel.


How to deal with a picky eater

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Elijah is a picky eater. He always has been. Everyone has an opinion of picky eaters and having dealt with it so long I get tired of hearing it. Most people who offer up advice and judgement have never dealt with anything like what I have. All advice can be basically summed up into two gems of wisdom:

Just make them eat.


Just wait them out, they’ll eat what you’re eating eventually if you don’t give them anything else. No child will starve themselves.

I would like to examine these sentiments.


Bacon Pancakes

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Who out there is an Adventure Time fan?!?

We are!  In fact, Adventure Time is the first thing I’ve geeked out for since The X Files (before the movie was made, after the movie it all went down hill).  Our whole family loves that show, and we’re seriously considering all going to Denver Comic Con dressed up as an Adventure Time family.  I will totally be rocking Lumpy Space Princess attire.  Don’t get me wrong, I loves me some rocking awesome Marceline, and badass brain Bubblegum, but a plus sized girl such as myself can just really rock a Lumpy Space Princess costume like nobody’s business (Jeremy thinks I’d make a better Flame Princess, what with the red hair, but I disagree – besides, I’d really like to wear a purple wig).


Halloween 2013

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Our family is comprised of Halloween fanatics.  Jeremy in particular is an artist when it comes to Halloween displays and every year grows our display.  This year’s display is particularly impressive not only because he’s been working on it since April (yes, April) but because most of what we’ve used to expand our display has all been reclaimed and repurposed.  Most of the material was left over garbage from Jeremy’s work that he saved from the land fill.

Here are some pre Halloween night pics: