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December 2013

Why I don’t prep

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I am not a prepper. I know a lot of homesteaders are but I am not. I do not see a need to build a compound and stock it full of a decades worth of grain and powdered milk. I make a conscious and purposeful decision not to spend time preparing my family for a time when we’ll have to murder all of our neighbors in an effort to hold on to our precious stuff.

If there ever comes a time that our neighbors do not have enough food to feed themselves and their children, I will willingly share what I have with them. I will do this because I want to live in a world where, when bad things happen, communities band together to take care of each other, not board up their houses and murder each other for old MREs and waterproof matches. And if I’m not willing to behave as a person in a community that takes care of others, how can I expect my neighbors to also behave that way?

I do not grow food behind high fences, lined with barbed wire, meant to be barricaded away from the sight of less fortunate eyes, and the reaches of starving, desperate, thieves. I do not preserve my bounty and hide it away in dark cellars, waiting for some post apocalyptic nightmare or some natural disaster to strike before I partake in them.

I grow my garden in the open, for all the world to see, in the hopes that it will serve as inspiration for others. And when my harvest comes in, I relish my bounty, and share my bounty if there is enough to do so. I would gladly share cuttings and seeds so my neighbors can also grow their own food. I share not only my harvest, but my knowledge where I can and where it is wanted (which, really, is what this blog is about).

I do not homestead in preparation for bad times to come. I do not homestead out of fear of the future. I homestead because I know things are bad now. People are starving, and ice caps are melting, and industrial chemicals and GMOs are polluting our air and soil and water, eventually poisoning us, and communities are falling apart, and education is degrading, and natural disasters more frequent and severe, and inequality is getting worse and worse. Homesteading has the potential to combat all these problems, not just to protect me and mine from the impacts of it, so I homestead out of hope for the future, and out of a desire to do good things in the here and now. I homestead to protect and improve my community and my world today, now.

I have no future to prep for promised to me. I have only today to do what I can. So I choose not not prep for disaster. Instead I choose to work towards a better world today.


Food Allergy Journey

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I never thought I’d be the mom of a kid with a bunch of weird food allergies.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that allergies don’t make my kid weird, and that it’s really common to have food allergies. But generally that’s a perception, that having food allergies is weird, and back when I had that perception, I never thought it could happen to my family. That was genetic, or something. And, if I’m being completely honest, there was a time when I thought many people were essentially imagining their kid’s allergies (I still think a lot of people use the word allergy when what they really mean is sensitivity, and that annoys the hell out of me, but what are you going to do?).



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I would be lying if I said I feel as deeply today as I did when Columbine happened. I don’t want to feel jaded, cynical , and numb, but I do. There’s just been too much of this crap, too close to home. I don’t know what to say about it anymore. I just don’t have it in me. I don’t even want to acknowledge it. I don’t want to be another one of the millions sending their love, or prayers, or thoughts, or support, or at least that’s what their Facebook and Twitter accounts say. This isn’t about me, and my thoughts and prayers are doing nothing.

I think that’s about all I want to say about this one.


How to keep your kids warm in their car seat

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I don’t mess around with car safety. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in car accidents before (one of which was life altering), but I am terrified of them, so I am vigilant about safety. I am that person who will not drive until every person is buckled. So it should come as no surprise that I take the rules of car seat safety very seriously. One rule that I always follow is to never buckle your child into a car seat in a winter coat.


Bulletproof Tea

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I don’t like coffee. It tastes exactly like burnt dirt to me. People are always trying to get me to like it. They’re always mixing it with chocolate and thinking I won’t notice, or saying “You can’t even taste the coffee in this.” Yes I can. Yes everyone can. Why put something in a recipe if you can’t taste it? That’s just absurd. Of course you can taste it, that’s the whole point of putting it in! No, it doesn’t “bring out the chocolate flavor”. It ruins the chocolate flavor!
That’s how much I don’t like coffee.