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February 2014

Buying quality meat

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I have a confession to make. I buy my meat at Costco. And I don’t even buy the organic stuff.

I know! I know! It’s terrible! What kind of self respecting paleo, environmentalist, holistic health enthusiast am I? A not rich one, that’s what kind. Grass finished, pastured, organic meat is expensive. Even when you buy in bulk it comes out to something in the range of $5.50 a pound (that’s for beef), and I don’t have the money to put up front for that. But I hope to one day be able to say that all my meat comes from sustainable, healthy, local sources. It’s just going to take some time. Here is how I’m working towards that goal.


Garden plans 2014

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It snowed today, and I’m thinking about my garden. Curled up under a heated blanket, with Freja asleep in my lap, and Elijah snuggled up next to me watching Iron Man, today is the perfect day to get started. This is what homesteading is all about. A good garden is the cornerstone of a homestead.


Why I don’t homeschool

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Elijah walking to school on his first day of kindergarten.

Elijah walking to school on his first day of kindergarten.

Homeschooling is something that really appeals to me at times, and I go back and forth between thinking I’ll never do it and thinking I’m definitely going to do it.  I know exactly how I would go about it, allowing for some scheduled and structured learning in the morning every week day, and then essentially setting them free to unschool.  It all works out so perfect in my head.  So why am I not doing it?


Valentines Day 2014

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I never used to get much into Valentines Day until I fell in love with Jeremy. I used to go off on tangents about how it was a made up, corporate holiday that existed for the sole purpose of selling useless shit and enforcing stereotypical gender roles, particularly enforcing the myth that women need to be with a romantic partner in order to be whole. And I still believe all that stuff.

But now I’m in loooooooovvveee!


We did it!

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We made it 30 days without dairy, wheat, or corn! If you had asked me a year ago I would have thought it wasn’t possible. There were plenty of times Jeremy and I talked about cheating, but we didn’t. We hung in there in solidarity with Elijah!