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June 2014

The day I decided to face my shunning

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No one can hate someone that bakes them cookies from scratch, right?

No one can hate someone that bakes them cookies from scratch, right?

As I’ve alluded to before, my neighbors don’t much like me.  It’s been a tough thing for me to come to terms with, especially in the last few months when I perceived it to be getting much, much worse.  I’ve never been super tight with any of my neighbors anywhere I’ve lived (it’s a Colorado thing, don’t ask me why we’re this way, we just are), but I’ve never felt like neighbors actively hated me either.  However, I was starting to feel that way here.


No matter how many Princesses Finn kissed, he still wasn’t asking for it

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Nothing rapey about this ...

Nothing rapey about this …

We are huge Aventure Time fans in our family. We have watched since season 1 and hope there will be many more years of seasons to come. We’re geeks like that.

That being said, I am highly disgusted by one of the most recent episodes, Breezy. To sum this episode up, a very depressed Finn (who, if you don’t know, is a young teen orphan boy, who was raised by dogs, and who recently lost his arm in a failed attempt to establish a relationship with his deadbeat biologic father) gets stalked and groomed by a pedophiley bee, and then sexually assaulted by Lumpy Space Princess (a secondary character who makes regular appearances on the show).

Yeah, this is a children’s show.


I want happiness, not thin

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Recently a relative posted a quip on Facebook about waiting for exercise to be fun. I responded as I always do to those kind of jokes (and perhaps I should react to them as jokes, and not be this serious about them) that her workouts would be fun when she chose one that is fun. There were a variety of other comments in response, including one from another relative that said something along the lines of “Working out is only fun when you start hating being fat more than you enjoy being lazy.”