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September 2014

Surrogacy update: ovulation, estrogen, and calendars

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So many things can happen to change the timeline of a surrogacy. When we first embarked on this journey, we knew we’d have to wait until it had been a year since my last tattoo, three months since I weaned Freja, and then we had to do testing and contracts and all that kind of stuff. All in all, it’s been over a year we’ve been waiting to get started with all of this, and now here we are.


People’s Climate March

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The People's Climate rally at the Capitol!

The People’s Climate rally at the Capitol!

As many of you know, today hundreds of thousands of people across the world (over 300,000 in New York City alone) gathered to demand action on climate change.  It was a huge moment in history, and will be a serious turning point for climate conversations in the future.  Here in Denver, nothing was planned.  So I planned something.


Surrogacy update: Giving myself shots

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In preparation for carrying the baby I’m about to carry, I have to take a boat load of medications. The first one was the birth control pill, which we used to manipulate my cycle into the right place to suit our schedule. It had been so long since I used birth control pills, I had forgotten what it felt like to be on them! Or maybe, because I started them when I was so young, I never knew that how I felt wasn’t normal.


Guest Post: Ben from Anicca Acres

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Ben working Anicca Acres.

Ben working Anicca Acres.

Welcome to our newest feature on Rocking the Homestead, where we’ll take a look at other kick ass, rocking homesteads across the internet!  Today we’re going to check out the homestead of an old Army buddy of mine, Ben and his wife, Kelsey. Ben blogs at


People’s Climate March

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I’m sure everyone has heard of the People’s Climate March taking place in New York City September 21st, and for a brief moment in time, I thought I would be able to attend it.  That would have been a dream come true for me, but unfortunately, due to some medical appointments I have to keep having to do with the surrogacy, I am unable to attend.  


The prettiest coleslaw you’ll ever make (it’s also yummy)

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I wish I had taken a picture of this with my real camera, to really do it justice, because this coleslaw was just beautiful. The problem was that it was also delicious, which meant that Freja and I gobbled it up so fast there was no going to get my camera. I’m lucky I got a camera phone shot in time!

Apple Kale Cole Slaw

3/4 cup mayo
2 tbs sugar of choice (I used evaporated cane juice, coconut sugar would likely work well, honey might make it too runny)
2 tbs Dijon mustard
3 tbs coconut vinegar
1 package coleslaw mix (or shred about a half head of cabbage and some carrots)
2 red apples, finely sliced (I used Galas)
5-10 large leafs of kale

1. Mix mayo, mustard, sugar, and vinegar to make your coleslaw dressing.
2. Stir in coleslaw mix
3. Finely slice your apples. I started out cutting mine like tiny match sticks, but that was so time consuming, I ended up just doing super thin, half moon shaped slices. Once they are sliced, stir them in with your coleslaw.
4. Shred your kale. I like to take the stems out of the leaves, because that part is pretty tough, but that’s up to you. Coarsely shred the kale leaves and mix it in with the rest of the coleslaw.
5. Eat up!


Big news on the homestead!

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Today I am excited to announce to you all a new venture we will be working on here at the Rocking Homestead. I have decided to serve as a gestational carrier for an amazing family I have gotten to know and love over the past year.

Pregnancy has always come easy for me. I wasn’t even trying when I got pregnant with Elijah, in fact, I was actively not trying to get pregnant! It took very little trying to get pregnant with Freja. And once I was pregnant, my pregnancies have been exceptionally smooth. No serious complications, and only a few of the common complaints that most pregnant women have. I even have had fairly easy births, as births go. With all this ease, I have felt strongly that I would like to give back to people who have not had it as easy.

When I first started looking into this, I figured I would be working with a gay couple, hopefully locally. I met the family I would be working with through a friend of a friend, and they were nothing like what I imagined. They were a straight couple, who had already had two other babies through two other surrogacies. More than that, they were not local, they didn’t even live in the US! They lived in Paris, though the mom was from here, originally, and much of her family still lived here in Denver. Even though they were different than what I had imagined, I clicked with them immediately and knew I wanted to work with them. They are an amazing family.

I feel really good and excited about helping them to complete their family. As a birth doula, I sort of see this as the ultimate doulaing experience. It’s giving me a whole new perspective on and appreciation for pregnancy, and what lengths people go to to make their families. There are lots of different roads to family, and I am honored to be able to help people walk their road in any way I can.

I want to share this journey here, because I think it’s pretty cool and interesting. The process of making a life is so miraculous and mysterious, it’s really amazing what all can be done to help families achieve their dreams. I look forward to sharing this journey with you all!