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December 2014

57 examples of partnered parent privilege

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Recently Kristen Tea, a writer and mom I greatly admire, wrote an article for Mother Wise called You’re Not A Single Mom Unless You’re a Single Mom, and I really agreed with and loved it. I have been highly offended many times in the past to hear happily married women in dual income households or households where one parent is able to stay home refer to themselves as single moms.


Local resources in solidarity with Ferguson

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If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you know how I feel about Ferguson, about Eric Garner, about this whole mess with institutionalize do racism in this country. I haven’t said anything about it here, maybe because I’m too busy reading all the amazing stuff that other people are writing about it. I don’t know how much I have to add to it, except to state my agreement and support. But I want to say a few things about it, just to end my silence on this very important issue.