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September 2015

More local fracking activism

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Last night I went to another meeting concerning the fracking super well that will in all likelihood be built a block away from my children’s future middle school. This meeting was hosted by Synergy Resources, the company that owns the mineral rights to that area and plans on drilling there, and was significantly more entertaining than the last one. I live tweeted it, but in case you missed that, here are the important takeaway points, as I see it.


Environmentalism vs. NIMBYism

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The other night I went to a meeting hosted by Adams County Communities for Drilling Accountability Now, or ACCDAN. They were opposing the drilling of a new natural gas well in the area, a so called super well, which would be a large facility. Fracking contributes a great deal to climate change through the release of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. There are also potentially health risks to people from drinking potentially contaminated drinking water and breathing contaminated air around the facility, but mostly my concern is the climate. I was excited to be able to do some activism in my own community, but I expected the turnout to be small. I live in a middle class community that is largely conservative, and conservatives tend to uphold the Drill Baby Drill mantra. 


Karma is bullshit. But I’m going to keep being nice anyway.

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This spring we took a family trip to Universal Studios in Orlando. It’s not something Jeremy or I would have been super interested in doing ourselves, but we had to go to Florida anyway for my dad’s wedding, and my sister really wanted to spend some more time together as a family. My mom even flew out (after my dad’s wedding, it would have been really awkward for her to have attended that!) to join us.


Colorado water law

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Imagine, for a minute, that you were born in a village by a river, in a beautiful fertile land. Your village has a rich culture that depends a great deal on agriculture, mostly fruit and vegetable farming with some animal husbandry. For centuries your village has lived this way peacefully, but as you grow older in this village, people are starting to notice that the river is running lower than it usually does, despite no real changes in weather or precipitation. This is starting to take its toll on the productivity of your villages fields.


Refugees, heartbreak, and action

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I’ve been scheduling some canned posts to go up that I wrote months ago just to try and get this blog active again, but I want to say something that is timely and get it out now, so excuse the two posts in one day.

I, like many people, have been heart broken to see the photos of the bodies of Syrian children washed up on the beach of Turkey. I have to admit I barely saw them, because the instant I realized what it was I looked away, and have been actively trying to avoid the images ever since. I do get there is a purpose, a meaning, and a good from taking and sharing photos like these, they inspire action, but shit, they are hard to look at, and that tiny glimpse was enough for me.