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December 2015

Rocking Homestead year in review – 2015

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This year has been a big year for everyone here on the Rocking Homestead. There have been some ups and downs, mostly ups, and some big, life altering moments and decisions.

The biggest things that happened this year was most likely the birth of my surro baby, Kennan, the fact that I’ve completed most of my degree program, and we made the decision to remain living in this house, possibly forever.


Plant profile – Golden Currant

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Golden Currant (Ribes aureum) is a decidous, berry producing shrub in the Ribes (currant family) that is especially well suited to serve as an HOA friendly food producing shrub. With it’s fragrant, profuse, yellow and red blooms in the spring, pretty, lobed leaves, and vibrant red fall color, this shrub provides enough beauty to keep your square neighbors from raising an eyebrow if you grow this in even the most conservative suburban front yards, and also provides you with an abundance of delicious, sweet berries that you can’t readily find in a grocery store.

Golden currant is a great permaculture plant that will work for even the most conservative, suburban front yards!

Good look at the berries and fall color of the Golden Currant. Image obtained here.


The annoying classism of tidying up – KonMari minimalism vs. environmental anticonsumerism

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The first time I heard of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the KonMari method of housekeeping, I was intrigued. I am, after all, a wreck when it comes to keeping house, if there was some new house keeping innovation, I wanted to hear about it. People were gushing about this book. Calling it life changing, revolutionary, even spiritual. That’s one hell of a cleaning book! People described to me its revolutionary message to the world, “Keep nothing that doesn’t bring you joy!” They’d say, half a gasp, half reverence.

And I’d be left blinking. That’s it?


Winter garden – satisfying the bug to grow in the off season

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Can't wait for spring so you can garden again? Here are some ideas for a cheap to free indoor winter garden, to scratch that green thumb itch!

Satisfying the urge to keep growing things with this modest, experimental, table top garden.

Usually in winter I can be just distracted enough by Christmas to not be overwhelmed by how much I miss gardening, but this year it’s not happening. The garden restlessness that usually doesn’t start plaguing me until February has been assaulting me pretty much since our first hard frost in late October. I don’t know if it’s everything I’m learning at school, or what, but I want to be growing something! Slowly, I’ve been building up a fairly descent indoor, winter garden to scratch that itch.


Birth of the Socialist Housekeeping Regime

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A lot of homesteading bloggers spend a lot of time talking about how they keep their home. Maybe it’s so that they’ll have something to write about in the winter. Maybe it’s because some homesteader types are also June Cleaver, good housewife, often slightly creepy religious types, and they just love their cleaning as part of their traditional gender roles. I have stated before that I don’t want to dwell on that topic, partly because it’s boring as hell (cleaning sucks), and partly because it always seems to end up sounding slightly sexist. But I’ll let you in on a little secret; it’s also because I suck balls at it.


Tomato Bisque

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I love tomatoes! And I love creamy soups! So it really figures that one of my favorite soups of all time is tomato bisque. I used to go buy tomato bisque from Safeway (they make a pretty good tomato bisque) whenever I had the hankering, but now I know how to make it, which is way better because all the Safeways on my end of town closed down this year. 


Activism vs. Personal Action: The most important thing you can do to combat climate change

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I have been thinking about the best way to write this for months, there are probably a good 5 half finished blog posts dedicated to this subject in my drafts folder.  I’ve decided not to get flowery or mince words.  I’m about to make the case that activism is the most important thing you can do to fight climate change, and that personal action is good, but just not enough.


How to make a roux

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When I talk to people about cooking, most of the time it seems to me that the people who say they don’t know how to cook don’t really need recipes, they need skills. Feeling the need to pull out a detailed set of instructions (which is what a recipe is) every time you cook is cumbersome and discouraging, but with a few basic skills you can throw together a meal without much thought. It’s that kind of thing that people are looking for when they say they want to learn how to cook.


Cars suck! But we can’t live without them.

Climate Justice and Environmentalism By December 7, 2015 Tags: , , , , , , , , 6 Comments
Even someone who thinks cars suck as much as I do still has to use them.

Even someone who thinks cars suck as much as I do still has to use them.

This post is part two of a series I’m doing on cars. Check out the first part in this series here.

I think we’ve established that cars are major pain in the ass, but then why are we so hooked on them? I said myself I could never fathom giving up a car, even though I hate them 90% of the time, so what gives?

There are a lot of reasons why it’s just not feasible for most of us to give up cars, even if we’d really like to. Most of the stuff that ties us to our cars are factors totally outside our control, so we can’t always address them. I can’t list all of them here, but I’ll do my best to touch on as many as I can.