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May 2016

Whats rocking on the homestead – a May update

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I apologize for the lapse in posts, it’s been a very busy May between finals and homestead projects and some social engagements and getting ready to go to Paris to visit the surro family next week. But I’m back on the wagon now and promise that I’ll try to keep things going while we are in Europe for two and a half weeks. In the mean time, here’s a quick update on what’s happening here on the Rocking Homestead. This will be a lazy post, because I’m still very busy.


Rocking Hugelkultur Beds

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Hugelkultur inspired raised beds for the small suburban homestead

This spring one of our big homestead projects were permanent, raised, hugelkultur beds. Hugelkultur is a German practice of basically burying a whole tree in a garden bed. Generally it’s done by digging a shallow trench, putting in the cut up tree parts in there, and then burying them in a 6′ mound. It creates a large berm in which you plant. This is great for a big property, but it doesn’t work so well for small suburban lots like ours, so I had kind of ignored it until a peer in my Horticulture program showed me the hugelkultur raised bed he made. That’s when I started looking into it more.