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Climate Justice and Environmentalism

Adding my drop to the bucket

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I’m not a person who does well in the heat, but running the AC uses so much energy. Energy that not only costs a fortune, but comes from power plants burning coal. That coal burning is putting loads of shit into our air that not only contributes to global warming, but contaminates our air, food, and water with dangerous toxins like mercury, that are very likely major contributors to a variety of serious health conditions like asthma, ADHD, ASD, and cancer.


Vertical gardening

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I love the idea of vertical gardening! Grow as much food as you can in as little space as possible. This is an important concept for people and the environment as populations become more urbanized and we have to put the brakes on shipping food from long distances to reduce the amount of global warming, asthma, and cancer causing pollutants we put into the only atmosphere we’ve got.


Can urban homesteading feed the world ?

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Recently I read this article at Grist and while I liked some parts, I disagreed with much. It argued that urban farms and homesteading were unlikely to do much in the quest to feed an ever growing, ever urbanizing, ever globalizing population, but it might provide some kind of educational benefit or something. Their arguments make sense, if you go into it assuming that everything else they talk about is the right way for things to be. Personally, all I could take away from it is that they were focusing on the wrong problems. This is why intersectionality in environmentalism is so important.


Why I write about intersectionality

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Some people think it’s odd that I keep a homesteading blog in which I write about seemingly non homesteading related topics so frequently.  Feminism, parenting, education, body image, paleo lifestyle, etc.  I find it impossible to talk about homesteading without addressing the issues that homesteading intersects with.


The Body Love Conference

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Fun times at the Body Love Conference in Tucson!

Fun times at the Body Love Conference in Tucson!

If you follow me on any of my social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr) you know I spent the weekend in Tucson at The Body Love Conference.  I had an amazing time, and left feeling so empowered and inspired.  I wanted to share what I discovered with you guys, and some details of the trip.


Composting woes

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Sometimes I think you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at my current homestead that I’ve actually done most of this stuff before.  I’ve got several years of gardening experience, I’ve kept food producing animals (well, just bees), and I’ve been around the composting block a few times before too.  But everything is different in this home, and I feel like I’m learning it all from scratch.