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Official Polyculture Lawn Plans

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Apparently this polyculture lawn is from a park in Missoula Montana. It looks pretty awesome, doesn't it? Hoping for a similar effect in mine! Image obtained here.

Apparently this polyculture lawn is from a park in Missoula Montana. It looks pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Hoping for a similar effect in mine! Image obtained here.

I discussed the concept of polyculture lawns earlier, but here are my actual plans for my lawn. Some of this stuff might not work out in the long run, but there’s only one real way to find out, so I’m giving it a try. To recap, my goals are increased carbon sequestration and improvement of biodiversity through cultivating a multi species lawn.


Why you should get an irrigation audit

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Recently I went to several hardware stores near my home looking for something I thought was pretty simple, a set of irrigation audit cups. I looked in the irrigation sections and they were no where to be found. I looked in the home and garden sections and they were nowhere to be found. Finally, at one big box hardware store that shall go un-named (cough, cough, unless I out them in a meme), I decided to ask. Everyone I asked seemed to have no idea what I was even talking about. I felt like Ron Swanson.

Why you should get an irrigation audit

This was totally me.


Polyculture Lawns – Increasing biodiversity, and maybe sequestering more carbon

Climate Justice and Environmentalism, Gardening By March 2, 2016 Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , 8 Comments

Polyculture Lawns: An experiment in turning my turf into a more biodiverse, carbon sequestering environment

I’ve been learning all about lawn care in my Landscape Management class this semester. Since starting this program, I’ve found a deeper interest in lawn than I ever thought possible, which still isn’t that high. Turf is kind of boring, and most lawns are nothing but turf. You don’t realize just how boring turf is until you are staring at it’s auricles with an eyeloop trying to figure out if this is Kentucky bluegrass or fine fescue. But lawns and turf aren’t always the same thing, and lawn care has sparked my interest. Mostly, I am interested in how we can use lawn to create more biodiversity in the landscape and capture carbon. The more I thought about this, the more the idea of a polyculture lawn began to take shape in my mind.


Edible Landscaping: The RTH February Bookclub Selection

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The February selection for our Rocking the Homestead bookclub!

The February selection for our Rocking the Homestead bookclub!

What did you all think about Edible Landscapes? Personally, I think this book is going to be an invaluable addition to my collection. The index of plants was spectacular, didn’t you think? And the accompanying photos were breathtaking. I got a ton of ideas about stuff to plant after reading this!


Hort Student Cliques

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A pile of my textbooks for my horticulture program.

A pile of my textbooks for my horticulture program.

If all goes right, I’ll graduate from my horticulture program at the end of next semester! I’m super excited! Only 11 years, multiple major changes, and an ungodly amount of student loans later, I’m actually going to have a college degree. An associates degree, but hey, it’s something. Well, I’ll also have a few certificates too, so that justifies it, right? Ha ha.


Seed starting implements: A January homestead update

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About this time of year, I start gathering things I need for seed starting. You can buy things, of course, and I’ve done that in the past when I haven’t wanted the hassle of storing a bunch of saved containers, but this year I’m really thinking about not buying new stuff as much as possible after reading our January book club selection, How To Be Alive, by Colin Beavan, and we’re trying to save every penny for our trip to Paris later this year, so I’m doing the frugal thing and collecting seed starting stuff. I’m storing everything under the far end of my dining room table, on the bench Jeremy made me for a wedding gift, next to my winter, table top garden.


Rocking our 2016 homestead and blog plans

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This blog has grown significantly in the last few months, and it’s my goal to improve it further to build a more badass community. Here are some things you can expect out of Rocking the Homestead in 2016!


Plant profile – Golden Currant

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Golden Currant (Ribes aureum) is a decidous, berry producing shrub in the Ribes (currant family) that is especially well suited to serve as an HOA friendly food producing shrub. With it’s fragrant, profuse, yellow and red blooms in the spring, pretty, lobed leaves, and vibrant red fall color, this shrub provides enough beauty to keep your square neighbors from raising an eyebrow if you grow this in even the most conservative suburban front yards, and also provides you with an abundance of delicious, sweet berries that you can’t readily find in a grocery store.

Golden currant is a great permaculture plant that will work for even the most conservative, suburban front yards!

Good look at the berries and fall color of the Golden Currant. Image obtained here.


Winter garden – satisfying the bug to grow in the off season

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Can't wait for spring so you can garden again? Here are some ideas for a cheap to free indoor winter garden, to scratch that green thumb itch!

Satisfying the urge to keep growing things with this modest, experimental, table top garden.

Usually in winter I can be just distracted enough by Christmas to not be overwhelmed by how much I miss gardening, but this year it’s not happening. The garden restlessness that usually doesn’t start plaguing me until February has been assaulting me pretty much since our first hard frost in late October. I don’t know if it’s everything I’m learning at school, or what, but I want to be growing something! Slowly, I’ve been building up a fairly descent indoor, winter garden to scratch that itch.


Stocking stuffer ideas for gardeners

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Boy uses refractometer

Elijah uses a refractometer to evaluate the nutritional content of a strawberry! A super fun gift for the veggie gardener!

Have a gardener on your shopping list? Or are you a gardener and want to drop hints as to what you want for holiday gifts? Here’s a handy list full of ideas for small gifts and stocking stuffers for green thumbs!