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Allergen friendly Super Bowl snacks

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Well, the Broncos are in the Super Bowl, and honestly, I don’t really care that much, I’m not into football really. I’m just hoping that if they win the fans don’t riot too hard (as Denver sports fans are known to do) because we’ve built up our city so nicely over the past ten years or so and I’d hate to see it trashed by a bunch of drunken sports fans who are so proud to be from the place they are for some reason destroying.


Three Weeks Down

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This week was a tough one.  We passed the half way point of our diet, which was exciting, but I was out of the house and unable to cook meals for several days this week.  I work as a birth doula, and I had two clients go into labor this week, both of them had very long, difficult births.  That left Jeremy on his own to feed the kids, something he wasn’t entirely prepared for after a long day of work himself.


Two weeks down

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We are officially at the half way point of eliminating dairy, wheat, and corn, and I’m happy to report that I’m not seeing much of a difference for Elijah. In fact, Jeremy and I are not seeing differences either (besides some weight loss, which I know I made a big deal out of that not being the point, and it’s not, but it is something that has happened since starting this). I’m happy because it gives me hope that maybe these foods will not be a problem. Of course, I realize that there are still some health concerns with some of these foods, and I am learning that we don’t need them, so I may be interested in still minimizing them in the future, but it will be nice to know that if we splurge on some noodles one night, none of us will be afflicted with any immediate bodily harm. I honestly don’t know why anyone would assume this lifestyle permanently without an actual allergy forcing them into it. It is isolating from society, and just kind of a bummer all around.


Bulletproof Tea

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I don’t like coffee. It tastes exactly like burnt dirt to me. People are always trying to get me to like it. They’re always mixing it with chocolate and thinking I won’t notice, or saying “You can’t even taste the coffee in this.” Yes I can. Yes everyone can. Why put something in a recipe if you can’t taste it? That’s just absurd. Of course you can taste it, that’s the whole point of putting it in! No, it doesn’t “bring out the chocolate flavor”. It ruins the chocolate flavor!
That’s how much I don’t like coffee.


Breakfast Hash

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We’ve all been sick at The Rocking Homestead, all of us but Jeremy. Poor Freja has had it worst of all, having vomited several times over several days. It’s been miserable, and even worse because Elijah’s birthday was this weekend, and we had to cancel all the fun plans we had and instead all sit on the couch watching/napping through Man of Steel.


Bacon Pancakes

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Who out there is an Adventure Time fan?!?

We are!  In fact, Adventure Time is the first thing I’ve geeked out for since The X Files (before the movie was made, after the movie it all went down hill).  Our whole family loves that show, and we’re seriously considering all going to Denver Comic Con dressed up as an Adventure Time family.  I will totally be rocking Lumpy Space Princess attire.  Don’t get me wrong, I loves me some rocking awesome Marceline, and badass brain Bubblegum, but a plus sized girl such as myself can just really rock a Lumpy Space Princess costume like nobody’s business (Jeremy thinks I’d make a better Flame Princess, what with the red hair, but I disagree – besides, I’d really like to wear a purple wig).


Pumpkin bisque with sausage!

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So rich and savory, Primal Pumpkin Sausage Bisque!

So rich and savory, Primal Pumpkin Sausage Bisque!

Like everyone else in the world seems to be, I have been going crazy for soup and for pumpkin flavored foods. Since I’ve vowed to never again worry about how much fat I’m eating (thanks to the Health At Every Size for taking that weight off my shoulders), that means I have no qualms about making a big pot of creamy, savory, pumpkin bisque and, because Elijah is so picky and Jeremy isn’t into pumpkin, eat it all myself. Unless Freja finds out I made it, then I’ll have to share.