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Lets talk about David Bowie

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David Bowie was a great artist, but also a complex and imperfect human.

David Bowie was a great artist, but also a complex and imperfect human.

I, like so many others, was shocked and saddened to hear about David Bowie’s death last week. I have been a big David Bowie fan since high school, maybe earlier, and Star Man was one of Elijah’s favorite songs as a toddler, so I had a lot of feelings from a life of memories that came up when he died. Like so many others, I shared my sadness over his passing and gratitude for having had his music as a part of my life on social media. It was nice to see how many other people were as moved by his art as I was.


57 examples of partnered parent privilege

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Recently Kristen Tea, a writer and mom I greatly admire, wrote an article for Mother Wise called You’re Not A Single Mom Unless You’re a Single Mom, and I really agreed with and loved it. I have been highly offended many times in the past to hear happily married women in dual income households or households where one parent is able to stay home refer to themselves as single moms.


Big Fat Lies

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Once upon a time there was a woman of size who wanted to get pregnant. She had had three pregnancies in the past, all of which ended in the birth of healthy baby girls, who had each grown healthy and happy. She knew she would have to seek fertility treatments to get pregnant, as she had needed to with her third pregnancy due to severe PCOS. She also knew that she had type 2 diabetes, which developed during her third pregnancy, but that it was well managed by her diet and activity.


Positive sedation

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As long as others have less than me
I shouldn’t think about wrongs in my community.
I should just be grateful for what I have
And ignore the fact that I’m getting the shaft
It could be much worse, you see
There are those who can’t feed their family
And children sold into slavery
So I mustn’t examine my own tragedy
But I’m feeling like this is just a means
Of hiding the fact that we haven’t seen
A small few have managed to accumulate
Enough to ensure our lesser fate
Maybe gratitude makes it harder to see
That the shit has been dispersed less than evenly,
That we pay the price for what the few take
And bear the weight of our collective mistake
I want to be grateful for my blessings in life
To focus on positives, not just strife
But sometimes it’s just too hard to ignore
That those with the most just keep taking more
And I may be better off than some
But in the end we’ve all been robbed, each and every one
By those few who hoard what we work to create
And toss us the scraps from their golden plates
And I’m tired of being told “be glad you’re not he!”
As if his life exists to drive fear into me
That’s not gratitude, no, it is fear mongering
The truth is we both deserve more


Deep convos with my oldest child : Boobs

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I love Elijah more than life itself, but sometimes I wonder how he came from me. It just seems like we have so little in common some days, I want to scream that both nature and nurture are bullshit!

And then there are times we have these little conversations that make me think “Oh yeah, there’s my handiwork!” Today was one of those days.


No matter how many Princesses Finn kissed, he still wasn’t asking for it

Current Events, Feminism, Parenting By June 16, 2014 Tags: , , , , , , 9 Comments
Nothing rapey about this ...

Nothing rapey about this …

We are huge Aventure Time fans in our family. We have watched since season 1 and hope there will be many more years of seasons to come. We’re geeks like that.

That being said, I am highly disgusted by one of the most recent episodes, Breezy. To sum this episode up, a very depressed Finn (who, if you don’t know, is a young teen orphan boy, who was raised by dogs, and who recently lost his arm in a failed attempt to establish a relationship with his deadbeat biologic father) gets stalked and groomed by a pedophiley bee, and then sexually assaulted by Lumpy Space Princess (a secondary character who makes regular appearances on the show).

Yeah, this is a children’s show.


I want happiness, not thin

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Recently a relative posted a quip on Facebook about waiting for exercise to be fun. I responded as I always do to those kind of jokes (and perhaps I should react to them as jokes, and not be this serious about them) that her workouts would be fun when she chose one that is fun. There were a variety of other comments in response, including one from another relative that said something along the lines of “Working out is only fun when you start hating being fat more than you enjoy being lazy.”