Welcome to Rocking the Homestead! This blog looks at the intersections of homesteading and environmentalism, with occasional commentary on what’s going on in the world and other intersecting issues, while following the goings on at The Rocking Homestead, a small suburban homestead just starting out in the Denver Metro area. We are a family of four (for now), and we are working to make our home a unit of production more than a unit of consumption, which is our definition of homesteading. We are constantly expanding our operations, proving that even on less than 1/8th an acre in the middle of white bread suburbia, you can live a sustainable and self sufficient lifestyle while making a positive difference in your community and the world!

Topics we cover


Jessica is a horticulturist and landscaper, and loves to share her passion for the outdoors and growing things! We grow a variety of edible and beautiful plants on our homestead and are constantly trying out new things! We certainly don’t grow everything we eat, but the amount we produce ourselves

Food producing animals

Due to local laws and our property limitations, we get creative with food producing animals on our homestead. Currently, we keep coturnix quail for eggs and manure, and red wriggler worms for vermicomposting.


Homesteading involves a lot of DIY activities, and we engage in many of them! Soap making, carpentry, sewing, home remodeling, beauty/self care, and home maintenance are just a few of the activities we engage in to be more self sufficient!

Home cooking

While not everything we eat is home made, we do enjoy cooking and making various foods, and do it fairly frequently. Besides cooking the regular family meals, we also do bread making, cheese making, fermentation, and preserving of food through various means. We also have certain food related values we try to adhere to, mostly having to do with climate justice and HAES.

Sustainable and Resilient Living

We are passionate about living sustainably and constantly work on lowering our carbon foot print and waste. As such, we use this blog to discuss alternative energy, transportation, reducing waste, conscious consumerism, and many other methods to reduce our negative impact on our community and our world.

Climate Justice and Environmentalism

Climate change is a major concern for us, and we are active in fighting it on many levels, from personal actions to activism.

Intersecting social justice issues

You cannot discuss environmentalism without discussing the many intersecting issues that impact or contribute to environmental issues, such as (but not limited to) racism, classism, sexism, and ableism. These issues interact in complex ways with how environmental issues impact us. Further, the topic of homesteading itself intersects with these issues in complex and often uncomfortable ways. We work to acknowledge our privileges in that arena, but we aren’t always perfect. We appreciate being called in when we screw up. Thanks in advance!

Family life and community

Our homestead consists of two adults, two kids, and one cat. Our lives intertwine with our homesteading activities, and often are difficult to pick apart. How our family functions is how our homestead functions. We also have a lot of extended family near by, and a wide network of friends and neighbors. Our homestead would not be complete without our extended community!

Random fun stuff

Occasionally, we like to post about random fun stuff. Pop culture, geekery, current events, homestead fashion, holidays, music (this is Rocking the Homestead, after all). I guess you could say it’s part of our DIY entertainment. Enjoy!

Our Values

Here at the Rocking Homestead, we have some strong values we try to express in this blog. They consist of

  • Sustainability and resilience
  • Community
  • Compassion
  • Open mindedness
  • Respect for science
  • Feminism
  • HAES and body acceptance
  • Climate justice
  • Having fun
  • Learning
  • Diversity

We hope that you enjoy this blog and get lots of great information here! Please feel free to connect with us in the comments of any of our posts, or on any of our social media feeds

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