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Get used to it: Terrorism and conflict in the age of climate change

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While I wrote this post the day after it happened, I decided to wait a while before publishing it, because I believe strongly that everyone, no matter what their privilege, deserves to have some time to just mourn a horrific event like this without it being picked apart to figure out the political implications, or used to make a point. It’s important to evaluate this stuff, but not more important than compassion in the face of the tragic loss of human life.


Halloween class war

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Recently an advice column has been making the rounds on social media, in which a person asks for advice on what to do about poor kids coming into your neighborhood to trick or treat. The writer was pretty harshly criticized, and given how they talked about how their street isn’t that rich, they’re just doctors and lawyers and business owners, I’d say justifiably so. But it did make me think about some stuff.


Environmentalism vs. NIMBYism

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The other night I went to a meeting hosted by Adams County Communities for Drilling Accountability Now, or ACCDAN. They were opposing the drilling of a new natural gas well in the area, a so called super well, which would be a large facility. Fracking contributes a great deal to climate change through the release of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. There are also potentially health risks to people from drinking potentially contaminated drinking water and breathing contaminated air around the facility, but mostly my concern is the climate. I was excited to be able to do some activism in my own community, but I expected the turnout to be small. I live in a middle class community that is largely conservative, and conservatives tend to uphold the Drill Baby Drill mantra. 


57 examples of partnered parent privilege

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Recently Kristen Tea, a writer and mom I greatly admire, wrote an article for Mother Wise called You’re Not A Single Mom Unless You’re a Single Mom, and I really agreed with and loved it. I have been highly offended many times in the past to hear happily married women in dual income households or households where one parent is able to stay home refer to themselves as single moms.


Why I don’t homeschool

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Elijah walking to school on his first day of kindergarten.

Elijah walking to school on his first day of kindergarten.

Homeschooling is something that really appeals to me at times, and I go back and forth between thinking I’ll never do it and thinking I’m definitely going to do it.  I know exactly how I would go about it, allowing for some scheduled and structured learning in the morning every week day, and then essentially setting them free to unschool.  It all works out so perfect in my head.  So why am I not doing it?