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Hosting a Rocking Thanksgiving – Part One

DIY, Holidays, Home cooking, Recipes, Social Justice By November 24, 2015 Tags: , , , , , No Comments

It’s fall break!  Which means the kids and I (Jessica) am home all week.  Usually, I spend this week dicking around, avoiding homework, and then rushing around last minute getting ready for Thanksgiving almost entirely on the big day it’s self (to include cleaning), but that sucks so this year I vowed it would be different.  I’m going to be productive (which means there will be more on my plate than just Thanksgiving dinner) and I’m not going to spend the whole day on Thursday cooking my ass off so that my back is killing me and I just want to go to bed by the time everything is ready.


Refugees, heartbreak, and action

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I’ve been scheduling some canned posts to go up that I wrote months ago just to try and get this blog active again, but I want to say something that is timely and get it out now, so excuse the two posts in one day.

I, like many people, have been heart broken to see the photos of the bodies of Syrian children washed up on the beach of Turkey. I have to admit I barely saw them, because the instant I realized what it was I looked away, and have been actively trying to avoid the images ever since. I do get there is a purpose, a meaning, and a good from taking and sharing photos like these, they inspire action, but shit, they are hard to look at, and that tiny glimpse was enough for me.