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Can we talk about GMOs?

Climate Justice and Environmentalism, Gardening By April 14, 2016 Tags: , , , , , , No Comments

Having trouble with the GMO debate? Me too. Lets talk about it.

The point when I first made up my mind about GMOs was in a college biology class in 2010, when a student brought up GMOs in class, and the professor said that we should be very concerned about GMO technology, indicating that it was a troubling practice that we should all be wary of. This same professor had discussed other crunchy philosophies with me that I felt on the fence and maybe a little skeptical about, such as vaccine refusal and raw milk, and I felt pretty confident in the things she said about those, vaccines are safe and effective, raw milk is a waste of money, etc., etc. So when she straight up said in class that GMOs were bad, I figured that sealed the deal. I became pretty hardcore in my opposition to GMOs.


Science is not an excuse for disordered eating

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Recently I got in a bit of an online tiff about kombucha. Someone in a group I was in asked what the deal was with the kombucha trend, was it supposed to be better than yogurt? It didn’t seem like a very scientific question, so I didn’t provide a very scientific answer. I said that no, it wasn’t supposed to be any better or worse than yogurt, it was just a different fermented food. While some people do believe it has mystical powers, I just drink it because it tastes good and it’s fun to make.


Kids Science Experiments: Acids and Bases

Arts and Crafts, Educational Activities, Parenting By January 25, 2014 Tags: , , , , , No Comments

Elijah has been super into what he calls science experiments lately. This makes me feel awfully proud, since that was always kind of my thing as a kid, but it has at times been a mess when I find his stashed concoctions and potions made of toothpaste, body wash, Halloween candy he can’t eat because of his food allergies, and God knows what else. I want to encourage it in a more directed manner, but I often find myself at a loss when he says he wants to make a potion or do an experiment. “Sure, you can help me make laundry soap!” Is not usually the kind of activity he’s hoping for.