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Winter garden – satisfying the bug to grow in the off season

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Can't wait for spring so you can garden again? Here are some ideas for a cheap to free indoor winter garden, to scratch that green thumb itch!

Satisfying the urge to keep growing things with this modest, experimental, table top garden.

Usually in winter I can be just distracted enough by Christmas to not be overwhelmed by how much I miss gardening, but this year it’s not happening. The garden restlessness that usually doesn’t start plaguing me until February has been assaulting me pretty much since our first hard frost in late October. I don’t know if it’s everything I’m learning at school, or what, but I want to be growing something! Slowly, I’ve been building up a fairly descent indoor, winter garden to scratch that itch.


Three Weeks Down

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This week was a tough one.  We passed the half way point of our diet, which was exciting, but I was out of the house and unable to cook meals for several days this week.  I work as a birth doula, and I had two clients go into labor this week, both of them had very long, difficult births.  That left Jeremy on his own to feed the kids, something he wasn’t entirely prepared for after a long day of work himself.